New Ubuntu image with HW accelerated H.264 in 1080P

The engineering team has been hard at work developing and implementing major fixes to the gstreamer framework on the Cotton Candy.

Huge efforts has been made to have hardware accelerated playback of H.264 content on the Cotton Candy.

To test fullscreen gstreamer playback of H.264 content test in terminal “gst-play-1.o h264file”. Sample files are the files from in the H.264 category.

Feel free to download the new image from

This file has md5sum f98229a6a505a60aa3078fadf1a0910f

Username/password : linaro/linaro


- Fixed enabling of bluetooth
- Added precise-updates, precise-security and precise-backports to the
sources.list, and upgraded a lot of packages
- Added gstreamer v1.2.2, including not-yet-upstream Collabora patches
for the Cotton Candy with HW accelerated H.264 video playback in 1080p


- To add more audio formats for gstreamer please add the following “sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly”

Linux 3.4.0-00624-ga0bc0b3: Contains fixes to memory allocator, enabling full 1GB of memory. Stability is hugely improved when playing video content using the MFC.

The Support for the Cotton Candy in gstreamer will be upstreamed
The 1.2.2-1fxi1 packages are patched packages from Debian Sid, archived here:

Then these are patched with patches from Collabora between release tag
1.2.2 and tag CC-FINAL-1.2:

Then patched with additional patches via a script used to generate the
fxi source packages. Soon available under
ubuntu/packages/src/gstreamer in

New instructions for building Android ICS for Cotton Candy

Hi All,

It has been little news from FXI the last 6 months. FXI Technologies is still strong and we are continuing developing software for the Cotton Candy. The last months has mostly been spent by the Engineering team to set up a better build environment for Android ICS 4.0.4 for the Cotton Candy. In the spirit of the Open Source development we are opening and giving access to the git repositories and information regarding the Android build process.

The build process can be found here

The relevant changes that can be found in the source tree:

  • New firmware for the video decoder, giving better stability in video decoding
  • Enabled support for most USB-to-Ethernet adapters
  • General stabilization of the platform.

Feel free to clone the git repository and start the compiling:-)

A pre-built release can be download from here: Android 4.0.4 Pre 2013 12 11

(This is a zip file, and needs to opened with a program that can unzip files)


New Cstick Site

Dear Community

First of all we want to thank the existing Cstick community you for your valuable contributions and discussions on the forum. After long internal discussions we have decided to close the forum and replace it with a new site.

The new will emphasize on providing easy access in-depth information on developing software for the Cotton Candy. 

If you have any questions or requests please contact us on

The FXI Team

New Android Release- Overscan Fix ICS beta1f

I just uploaded a new ICS image to The updates in this one are:

  • HDMI overscan adjustment (user controlled re-scaling of the display) – see below for more info.
  • CEC has now been re-enabled and the crash bug fixed.
  • Bugfixes for two cases where the device could end up running both CPU cores at 100% indefinitely and drive up temperature if a kernel panic occurred (due to some unrelated issue) or during boot failure due to invalid SD images.

The HDMI overscan handling makes it possible to control downscaling and centering of the HDMI display output, through the FXI Configurator app. This can be used to view the entire screen image without any clipped edges also on TVs that don’t have “full scan” support or similar settings. For a while we believed that this could be handled through EDID (and it’s therefore been discussed as “the EDID issue” before) but in the end it had to be fixed in the Android display manager.

The Configurator app lets you specify x and y offsets (in pixels) from the top left corner of the screen and rescales the output in order to fit everything. (On my own old 720p TV the best settings are 31,18 which means that 1280×720 is rescaled to 1218×684). The scaling can be reset (disabled) by setting both offsets to 0.

This has not been extensively tested yet so there might still be some bugs lurking in there, please let us know if you find any!

New Ubuntu release

Can be downloaded from and the default password is (as before) : linaro

This is just a quick release to:
- Remove a bug introduced in the last release
- Include the same upgrades to wifi/bluetooth as in the ICS release

MD5 checksums:
4280149070001ab04deb134880a43844 ubuntu-20130131.img

New Android Release: Beta1e

Beta1e is now available at:


  • Improvements to wifi and bluetooth stability. Changes to the overall bsp as well as the wifi firmware which should result in noticeably faster (and more stable) connectivity. We’re very interested in hearing how these changes work out for you when using different access points, channels +++.
  • Removed a semi-random crash bug which was introduced in the last release. (Memory corruption caused by HDMI CEC events. These are now disabled while we try to work out a longer-term fix).
  • Auto-mount of USB storage connected to the micro-USB host port.
  • su binary is now (finally!) included.